30 October 2005


We went to one of our favourite German cities today, Münster. It's a lovely city with loads of old houses (as you can see), a wonderful cathedral and plenty of good shops. We enjoyed the autumnal sunshine and have already done some of our Christmas Shopping. Unbelievable, considering that I would normally do this on 24 December...

A lot of people have kept asking for some more wedding pics (haven't they Jill?). You can now find them here.

For those of you who like Paris I have also uploaded some of our Paris pictures here.
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11 October 2005

Instead of a postcard...

... this picture. It's even more tacky than the commercially available ones.

We've just come back from Paris and because a certain boy I know is fascinated by the Eiffel Tower I am posting this picture. We're properly shattered now after six days of sight-seeing, visiting museums and desperately trying to communicate in French. Just to rub it in, Piers, yes we did go on the tower! (Shortly after it was evacuated because of a bomb scare... )

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PS: Currently I'm absolutely fascinated by the following little gadget:
  • Konfabulator.