25 May 2006

Ascension Day

Just to rub it in: I have had a day off today. But don't be too jealous, it's been tipping it down all day and to make up for the free day today, I'm on INSET tomorrow AND Saturday.

We couldn't watch a movie today either as our DVD-player has ceased to function. It just doesn't read any CDs or DVDs anymore and spits them out after a couple of minutes. Any ideas how to make it work again?

The German post service have increased the postage on letters to other countries, so that a birthday card I sent, has been returned. The illegitimite sons of female canines... They seem to make a difference though according to who is sending the letter. My Mum's card has not been sent back.

Well, there's also good news. My telephone and Internet provider is lowering the costs of Internet telephone calls to England. From 1 June I'll only be paying 1ct/min (about 0.64p/min). I'll call you, promise...

PS: The card has arrived Sue. Thank you so much!

20 May 2006

Allemagne douze points

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and normally I would hardly be able to contain my indifference. When Germany stopped sending people like Stefan Raab and Guildo Horn (equivalent of having Mr Blobby or the The Wombles compete for the UK), I lost interest. Tonight however could see the return to the old "we will not honor this competition with serious entries"-attitude. Texas Lightning, the German entry, consist of some of Germany's finest comedians (and, no, they are not the only ones we have), so we may be in for a surprise. At the moment however it looks like they are going to take this seriously, but you never know.

One entry that surely cannot be serious is Finlands, or is it? Looks just like the guys who pour out of pubs in Stoke at closing time, I reckon.

I know that at least one person has been gearing up for the big night tonight (haven't you Vic?). So if you watch it, have fun. At least you have the inimitable Terry to take the Michael out of contestants, something I will miss dearly.

Before I forget, have a very happy birthday, Mel! Lots of love from all of us here in Mülheim!

The official Eurovision website
Eurovision on Wikipedia
The German entry

I wish I was there (It's frigging cold in Mülheim...)

As you can see below, Barcelona is the place I was meant to live in...

You Belong in Barcelona

When it comes to Europe, you don't want to decide between culture and fun. You want art by day and a big party by night.
Barcelona is ideal for you. You can check out some Picasso, eat some tapas, take a siesta, and then dance all night!

14 May 2006

Getting there...

This is for all those of you who have requested a more exact description of our new home. As you can see we have a bit of garden with a lilac and lavender. The bottom left picture shows a premier: my first own bbq. The remaining pics show views of our kitchen, dining and living rooms. As you can see we still need to buy some lamps, but all in all we are getting there.

At least our cellar is nice and dry (wink, wink, Pete, thanks for the letter!).

Have a good start to the week! Posted by Picasa

09 May 2006

Want to talk Fußball?

then check out the British Embassy's World Cup Website which features a good glossary of football language as well as info on venues and some funnies. I'm sure the German Speaker of your choice will help you in acquiring a proper German accent so that you can slag off the ref properly (how about Piers or Jill?).

31 days to go...

01 May 2006

We have moved...

... and I'm back online. Sorry for the long radio silence, but there was just so much to do. We moved two weeks ago and still it took me ages to find a motif which wouldn't include boxes and too much mess.
At least I can show you our pride and joy: the new teak table. Frugally minded visitors could also use it as a spare bed, if they don't suffer from vertigo that is (it's good 4ft high). I'm sure it would be okay for Losh who is used to hard Japanese Futon beds and can breakfall in case he slips off during the night...
We're still waiting for our bathroom to be finished; at the moment we have to take showers very carefully, as the shower wall is still missing.
Also, there are still some bits and bobs missing in the kitchen but the cabinet maker has promised that all parts will arrive next week (Fingers Crossed).
Two things fill me with pride at the moment: 1. our friend Björn has won his lawsuit against the German Football Association and 2. Essen and the Ruhr have become capital of culture 2010. Perhaps Painsley will have to visit the Ruhr then and not the Rhine or Berlin!
A nice diversion to see you through tea-break can be found here. Thanks to Miles for finding it. Posted by Picasa