25 June 2006

We had a plan...

... and it worked.

As you can see in this cut from the Rheinische Post newspaper, the German team learned it with the aid of Sweden's most successful furniture store! And in a nation buying themselves silly at Ikea, (Billy, Bonde, Ingo and what not) this had to work. I have to admit, our place could also function as an Ikea show-home, but if the skills acquired during the assembly of bookshelves can be transferred successfully to footballing tactics, I'm all for it.

Well, what could the English team learn from Ecuador in order to beat them today? Only thing Ecuadorian I can think of is bananas... There we are, bend it like Beckham.

I'll keep fingers crossed later.

Got a warning yesterday about wearing my St George's Cross wristband, but they were all smaller than me ;-) Posted by Picasa

22 June 2006


So against Sweden it is then. Their national team has already set up their camp in Essen, so we have quite a variety of football teams here now. The Italians are in Duisburg and Mexico and Sweden are in Essen at the moment.

Unfortunately the gorgeous Swedish blondes clad only in blue-yellow bikinis didn't want their picture on the web, so you will have to make do with these two likeable fellows (what a shame, Rob, isn't it?). They seem to be deluded enough to think that Sweden will actually win on Saturday. I'm sorry but even German hospitality has its limits! Posted by Picasa

20 June 2006

We are through (England and Germany that is)

Unfortunately I was only able to watch the second half of the Germany game, after some plonker arranged a meeting with representatives from the German-Tunisian Society, which I had to attend. Thanks, Carlo ;-)

Now, the England game, what can I say? Rollercoaster ride of emotions or what? Well, what counts is that England didn't lose and that England and Germany won't play one another on Saturday. Watching this game would be pure torture. I will have to steel myself for the final, won't I?

19 June 2006

Please tell Sean at Moorlands (Is he still around?)

Apparantly I'm Irish deep down inside.

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Now I know where that fascination with Guinness, whiskey and explosives comes from...

PS: Who are you, mystery guest from near Sunnyvale, California? Leave a comment, you seem to be my most regular visitor.

16 June 2006

Alice Cooper (again)

Thomas and I went to the Alice Cooper / Deep Purple open air concert in Bonn yesterday and had a truly great time.

Not only did we manage to make it through to the third row, but our haul is quite impressive as well. As you can see in the lower picture, Alice and the band were in their usual generous mood. For once it paid to be of a certain height...

It was quite amusing at the end to walk past the Red Cross first aiders who did a double take after seeing me covered in stage blood (a lot of it had already come off by the time the top picture was taken).

I'm sure the England victory is due to us crossing our fingers during the concert and Eric Singer kitting out his drums with England flags (look carefully at the bottom picture). Hope we don't have to play England next. It would be shame if they lost on penalties again ;-)
Will have some hot tea now, perhaps my voice will come back... Posted by Picasa

11 June 2006

Supporting England...

... is not easy when you are abroad and not English. However I am doing my best and am flying (well at least wearing) the St George's Cross.

Fights gotten into: 0 (so far)
Unfriendly looks: some
Statements along the lines of "Good team" or "They have got the best chances ever to make it through to the final": many

There is an interesting bit of numerancy though that sees Germany as the winner of the world cup:

54 x 74 - 1990 = 2006

Germany won the World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990... Posted by Picasa

04 June 2006

Chinese Fortune Cookie

For those of you, who like my Dad, accidentally eat their fortune slip, you can have a virtual Chinese fortune cookie here.

I wonder what my Dad's fortune said? Perhaps, "diet rich in fibre leads to long life"...

Hope you don't choke on food.

Peace and light!

Image source: http://www.amyjogirardier.com/fortune%20cookie.jpg Posted by Picasa

03 June 2006

Learning Italian and the Dalai Lama

You know the theory of people being linked to any other person on the globe through only six steps? For example if you can link up to me then you are linked to Eddie the Eagle (I bought him a point of squash in a pub in Lichfield once) and Campino of the Toten Hosen (I met him at Düsseldorf airport), but since last week also to the Dalai Lama.

I was honoured to be chosen to translate a letter to His Holiness fo the mayor of Essen, who wants to visit an exhibition on Tibetan art together with the Dalai Lama. If he accepts the invitation, I have good chances to interpret for the mayor. Keep your fingers crossed. That would really make my day!

Apart from translating letters I have spent last week learning Italian. I can now introduce myself and ask other people's names, ask for directions, say what my hobbies are and go shopping, all in Italian.

Annette and I have agreed though that I'll stick to Spanish and she will keep at learning Italian. I get the impression that she wants to know at least one language better than me. Don't tell her that her German is infinitely better than mine.

Another premiere today: I cut my first hedge.