23 August 2006

A sad day

when an English icon such as HP sauce is no longer produced in England. Seeing the HP factory with the familiar logo on the factory building used to be a very nice sight for me traveling out of Birmingham towards Lichfield.

I'm gutted!

I can still remember the first time I had HP sauce. It was in Kirwan's Irish Pub in Mülheim, which was then located in the old part of town but has subsequently moved to the city centre. I had an all-day breakfast and instantly fell in love with the taste. Shame you cannot really get it in Germany...

11 August 2006

Back fom the Holidays

On the right you can see some impressions of our stay in Lynton (Devon).

Our stay in London didn't do much for us this time around. It was just too hot and crowded. Perhaps we were also too tired from the journey. So sod Samuel Johnson .

Our stay in North Devon, however, was truly spectacular. Lovely countryside, superb food and time to relax and unwind.

Nathan staying over with us afterwards was brilliant as well. We really enjoyed having him over and miss him tremendously now. The place has gone awfully quiet since he has left.

Well, like all holidays this one was too short. We're back at work and have only managed a third of the things we wanted to get sorted around the house. At least I managed to cut the hedges today. It's been long overdue... Posted by Picasa