30 October 2006

One I haven't trodden on

Here's our friendly neighbourhood hedgehog. Luckily our current home has sufficient outdoor lighting, so that he is unlikely to suffer the same fate as his colleague a couple of years ago.

Well, this hedgehog shouldn't have decided to sit on a dark doormat during a pitch-black night. I assure you, the prickly pal was okay: I took him to the vet after I stood on him and was told he would be alright to be released into the wild (surely to be run over by an HGV the next night). Posted by Picasa

24 October 2006


Would you like to enter your living room and be faced by this?

I'm sure Sue'd get bored if she didn't have a regular practical joke played on her. Whatever it takes to spice up married life, eh? I wonder whether Vic hid the black-handled knife before playing this joke on her.

Over to you, any particularly inventive pranks you played on somebody recently?

PS: Happy feast day, Nathan. Posted by Picasa

07 October 2006

My office

Just to show that Painsley's going away present is still appreciated: a picture of my office at the adult education college in Essen. I know the teachers among you will be envious about the office as it's bigger than your standard departmental office in a school. But, believe it or not, I miss teaching youngsters.

My office has just gotten better: I have my own printer now, which means that my daily fitness routine of walking an accumulated mile to and fro between printer and office will have to be substituted by proper exercise or my plan to lose weight will be seriously compromised.

Busy week ahead. I will have to plan next semester's timetable with no classrooms available. Posted by Picasa