24 November 2006

Things I'm missing...

most about England and the English currently are:

  1. going out for a curry
  2. Real Ale, preferably not from a can
  3. Customer service and being able to apologise

  1. There is something deeply satisfying about going out for a curry with friends. I miss the food, the food-sharing, the way the waiters serve you and their accents. There are hardly any Indian restaurants in Germany, but in recent months there has been a steady increase of all things Indian in Germany. You only have to switch on the telly or browse the book stores. We now can buy authentic Indian recipe books, some Curry restaurants have opened in the bigger cities and bollywood movies are shown on the smaller private channels (you have to take the good with the bad, apparently)

  2. The real ale, and the Pedigree just happened to be the last can I had, I only really miss in autumn and winter. During the summer months a nice Pilsener is definitely my choice. However, when the days become shorter and the temperatures drop, I feel more like the darker, sweeter and more complex taste of the ale. A shame that the weight restrictions of the airlines rarely allow me to take home more than a couple of cans...

  3. I recently had to find out that customer service is virtually non-existent. While watching the new James Bond at its pre-premiere, the sound track was corrupted for several minutes. When complaining about this, not once were the words "we are sorry" uttered. On the contrary all blame was deflected and a bag of pop-corn was offered sarcastically as compensation. I remember getting free tickets once in Birmingham's Star City cinema because they hadn't cleaned the theatre properly...

There are a good many things that I prefer about Germany though. Which ones, I'll post next time.

Last film seen: Casino Royal (excellent James Bond!)
D-Rink of the week: my last can of Pedigree

18 November 2006

Angels baking biscuits

You may know the old proverb "red sky at night, sailor's delight". The Germans, being not quite as maritime as the Brits, tell children that a sky like the one in the picture indicates angels baking biscuits.Well, judging by the photograph there'll be plenty of fatties up there.
Current CD in stereo: The Beatles: "Love" (already out in Germany!!!)
Last Films seen: "Kill Bill" (1&2)
D-Rink of the week: Legado Muñoz, Tempranillo 2005 (bought at our favourite wine shop) Posted by Picasa

11 November 2006

A weekend away

Some impressions from our weekend away in Zeeland, Holland. My parents in law didn't want anything materialistic for their birthdays so everyone chipped in to present them with a family holiday in Kamperland.

I dont know what it is, but again I realised that there is something about the sea which eases all tensions and let's you wind down.

A welcome break before writing all those blooming project applications for the European social fund. We are desperately trying to consolidate the 18 per cent cut, the state government has threatened all public adult education institutions with. Have they still not realised that taking money out of education is extremely costly in the long run? I really feel like smacking those responsible.

Well, enough of this rant. Good news is that you can subscribe to these rants now via the link on the left (RSS Feed), so that you will always know when I add a new post.

Have an excellent week! Posted by Picasa