11 November 2006

A weekend away

Some impressions from our weekend away in Zeeland, Holland. My parents in law didn't want anything materialistic for their birthdays so everyone chipped in to present them with a family holiday in Kamperland.

I dont know what it is, but again I realised that there is something about the sea which eases all tensions and let's you wind down.

A welcome break before writing all those blooming project applications for the European social fund. We are desperately trying to consolidate the 18 per cent cut, the state government has threatened all public adult education institutions with. Have they still not realised that taking money out of education is extremely costly in the long run? I really feel like smacking those responsible.

Well, enough of this rant. Good news is that you can subscribe to these rants now via the link on the left (RSS Feed), so that you will always know when I add a new post.

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