28 January 2007

My dad in marzipan

It was my dad's birthday last Friday and his mate from work gave him this specially made birthday cake. The cake depicts some of my dad's passions (religion, philosphy, sauna, cigars) and the sculpture of him sitting in the sauna and smoking a cigar is very true to life (although he would of course never ever smoke a cigar while actually being in a sauna!).

My mum probably wishes he was always this sweet!

26 January 2007

My old car on Google Earth

If you look very closely (or you enlarge the image by clicking on it) you can see my old infamous Union Flag Polo. It has been scrapped in the meantime but in Google Earth (Coordinates are 51°27'58.41'' N 6°54'05.17'') it lives on!

This car served me well through the longest part of my stay in Staffordshire and ran well above 130,000m without any major repairs. It didn't even need any major work done after it jumped off the road into a big heap of horse crap. Well that taught me not to drive Schumacher-Style (Ben still thinks that little accident was an amateur job)

I also learned how to service a car on it (thanks to Vic!) and got my hands dirty doing so (a very rare event!).

It also survived a vicious attack on Lichfield's Aldi car park when some illegitimate son of a female dog threatened to bash my head in and instead knocked its little wing mirror off (the b***ard was caught and sentenced by the way).

I sometimes miss the old banger, although I can't remember how I actually managed to fit in it.

How about you? Any pics of your belongings on Google Earth? Is there a car that you really miss?