17 March 2007

Chicken Dhansak

Some time ago I wrote about things I'm missing about England. Today it was time for a curry again and wanting to extend my repertoire I found an excellent recipe for Chicken Dhansak. It is easy to cook and tastes just like in a curry house.

Annette made some Raita to go with the Naan and the added green food dye created the true nuclear green we all love from the Indian restaurants.

So we are absolutely stuffed now, ready to veg out on the couch.

A very good day on the whole: curry, me being able to find a pair of jeans that fit me, not having to pay for a battery replacement and watch polish at Oberhausen's Swatch Store and most importantly of all talking to Nathan. Shame about the weather, but that meant I had an excuse for staying in bed till noon and reading my new John Harvey novel, "Flesh and Blood", which I can really recommend!

02 March 2007

I'm a happy man

Alice Cooper has just announced the upcoming release of his new album "Along came a spider" as well as the next world tour. Whoooopeee! The featured interview gives the release date as well as some more evidence of what a nice guy the Coop is. Being able to freely admit to being an alcoholic must really take some bottle (couldn't resist this well-worn pun ;-) )