25 April 2007

Hard at Work

What a week! The college's course programme had to be completed, my classes at the university of Bochum have started and on Saturday I started training 10 language teachers in using the online learning environment Moodle.

It's great to be teaching at the university again. Due to my classes running on Fridays I have very small groups and both classes are in English linguistics, so that I am able to teach my pet subject. I have decided to accompany the classes with Moodle and so far the students have accepted this format very well. It allows me to post all material needed as well as giving the students the opportunity to work towards their credit points online by completing activities and showing collaborative research. This also means that I can put a lot of the ideas I got during the moodle07 conference into practice (the pic on the right was taken there).

Saturday's kick-off session of my Moodle seminar for teaching staff at the college also went very well. Most teachers seem to see the value of supporting their language classes online. I am sure we will have some courses piloting this new way of teaching in the coming semester.

Just one day of work tomorrow before the Bank Holiday on 1 May. Thomas, Tina, Annette and I are going to see Spiderman 3 tomorrow and we'll probably have a quiet day in the garden on Tuesday, if our nosy neighbour won't bother us too much that is. Well, it's gotten a lot better since we set up a massive parasol blocking her view...

20 April 2007

Easter Holidays

How quickly did these holidays fly past? We had only just broken up for Easter when we had to go back to work, or so it seems.

It's been a brilliant holiday. We went to Paris at the start of the holidays and had an excellent time there. Having been there so many times now we didn't stress so much about seeing the sights and just wandered around wherever it took our fancy. A visit to the Place des Vosges (Victor Hugo's address and definitely not a place to be miserable) and a wander round the Marais is always a must. Since I had never been to Père Lachaise cemetery we went there as well and Oscar's headstone convinced me of the Improtance of being Wilde.

On our return from France Vic delivered Nathan who stayed with us for a week. I think I can speak for all of us when I say what a terrific time we had. A highpoint seems to have been the head massage device and going on the trams for Nathan. Not to forget our card playing marathons...

Last weekend I escorted Nathan back to England and stayed one night at the Greenhouse before meeting up with Liz and Rob, who proudly showed off his Lotus to me. I'm quite jealous actually, but there is no way I could drive it. People being able to afford luxury sports cars apparently tend to be vertically challenged.

The last week has been pretty busy with the new course programme having to be entered till next Thursday. Lots of stuff still to be organised before the new language courses can be published in our course calendar. But I'll get there. Have an excellent weekend!

12 April 2007