28 July 2007

More Sun

Not very warm, but a welcome respite from all that rain!

Time to try out the boomerang Hella gave Nathan. After some time we actually managed fairly well. We're still glad however that we just have to walk into a superstore to get some meat. If we had to hunt for it Aborigine-style, we'd have turned vegetarian by now.

Apparently the sunshine today has just been a brief interlude as the forecast looks pretty grim, especially for those regions hit by the floods.

Let's hope the meteorologists are as precise as always and we'll end up with decent weather.
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24 July 2007

Sun at last

Having finished the Harry Potter, Annette agreed to come to Nottingham with me- a city we both really like. Unfortunately our sunny day in Notts will be the only one this week as the weather forecast looks quite grim. In the pictures you can see the reasons why Nathan and Sue would probably quite like Nottingham: there's a Big Wok all you can eat Asian buffet place and Nottingham is one of the very few places in England to sport a tram system.
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23 July 2007

The Barretts

Despite the unpromising weather report we spent a superb day today with the Barrets. After a wonderful lunch -typically British: mixed antipasti (olives, grilled courgettes, houmous, garlic bread), salmon, raspberry pie- we went for a nice walk along the canal in Alrewas before returning home to just chill and read. The weather worsened in the late afternoon and so we had the perfect excuse to laze about and keep on reading. Annette has half-finished the latest Harry Potter, which Little Rink and Tina left as a surprise on our doorstep in the middle of the night after buying it at The Mayersche book store in Essen as soon as the sale started.

21 July 2007

Holidays back home

After a reasonably smooth journey we have arrived safe and sound in Lichfield.

All in all it took us nearly 11 hours for the 440 miles. Had we been more daring, we could have done it in 9, but our worry to miss the ferry made us leave so early that we had two hours to spare. So we took a long break in Belgium and before the Channel crossing.

One thing is sure however: had we left later we wouldn't have seen Herbie on our way to Dunkirk. Luckily no section of our route was affected by the flooding which has submerged large parts of the Midlands and so we were only delayed by the M1 roadworks.

Arriving at the Greenhouse is always wonderful. There is something magic about this place: the old police house, the wonderful garden with its vegetable patch and massive apple tree and the wheat field that stretches from the back garden to the horizon.

16 July 2007

Rear Window

Unlike in the 1954 Hitchcock movie our spying neighbour is not wheelchair-bound, but apparently just as bored as James Stewart. It doesn't her take seconds to be at the window or on her balcony to follow our every move as soon as we are in the garden. And this is quite a feat for a nonagenarian. However it's driving me up the wall. I've never met anybody as nosy as this woman. And today I provided quite nice entertainment for the old biddy:
  • stripping paint of our garden bench
  • reading in the shade
  • moving our peonies to make space for the bamboo we were given on our wedding day
  • planting the bamboo
  • having a glass of wine
Summer would be so nice if it wasn't for this methusalean spy. Well, at least our jumbo sized parasol provides us with some privacy, otherwise it would be unbearable. Sometimes however it can be good fun to quickly look up towards the window and see her flinch back. You can play this game four or five times before she moves to a new observation post. And the other neighbours enjoy watching Big Sister walking backwards and forwards on her balcony desperately trying to peek underneath the parasol.

Big Sister is watching you