31 August 2007


Perhaps it's because I am a language geek or because of her cute glasses, but Erin McKean really makes lexicography sexy. And you learn an awful lot of fun stuff about dictionaries. What do you think?

30 August 2007

Anti-Telesales Script

The tele marketer counter script found on lifehacker.com is for all those of you who want to follow a caring approach to tele-salespeople, but nevertheless want to get rid of them.

Vic has found though that "I'd rather staple my scrotum to the dining room table than continue our conversation" does the trick as well.

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12 August 2007

Back at work

and what a shock to the system. The start of our enrolement weeks means staying till 7.30pm on most nights and since I am involved in several projects about to be launched soon, there are 101 things to do. Also I had to mark exams and essays for the university job.

There are good news as well though. All my linguistics students have passed their exam, the weather has improved and we can spend a lot of time in the garden (our most glamourous visitor so far can be seen in the picture).

Lichfield Mercury 2 August 2007

I've been meaning to post this for a long time and never got round to doing it. The letter below (Lichfield Mercury, 1 August 2007, click picture to enlarge) illustrates brilliantly the difference between English and German newspapers. I doubt that the Mülheimer Wochen or Essen's Südanzeiger would have printed this. I absolutely love the letter as it at least provides the victim with some valve for their anger.

I hope the thieving illegitimate sons of female dogs have been caught and that Mr or Mrs Sawyer had their stuff returned.

(Lichfield Mercury, 1 August 2007)