17 October 2007

Sorry for the long break

Hi guys,

sorry that I haven't posted for such a long time but things were getting a bit too much here at Rink headquarters:

But now I am ready to go and post non-messages regularly again.

As I haven't got any new pictures to post (I had to borrow Thomas my camera as his has gone to the big autofocus in the sky) I have just embedded another video of the world's sexiest lexicographer, Erin McKean.

A busy time ahead:

University will start next week and I am teaching two courses on the side, one grammar and one on 2nd language acquisition.

I am involved in a learning partnership with three European partners, so I will travel to Utrecht at the end of the month. There I will hopefully be able to convince our partners that Moodle is the tool of choice for our communication.

Ah and yes, my main job. A couple of things happening at the college. Our drive to attract younger people is in full swing and I am working on that with a project group. Demographic change will mean that the college will have to restructure internally and a paper charting possible changes till 2012 is sure to lead to heated discussion. Together with two colleagues we are also trying to realise a project funded by the European Social Fund. Not an easy task when you're low on resources, rooms and teachers...

Other projects in the pipeline are training sessions on Moodle for all teachers at the college, a workshop on Web 2.o in teaching and lobbying for a breeding programme to save the future of the Morecambe Bay Shrimp Hound...

You see I am a busy Kraut.

PS: Erin, you are allowed to use this text for any purpose you like ;-)