31 March 2008

Moodle Praise

As part of my ongoing quality management in my courses I let students fill in a feedback questionnaire which also includes an item for general comments. The comments below showed me again that I'm on the right track with what I'm doing Moodle-wise

"I really liked the idea of Moodle because it gave chance to interact
and discuss about topics unlike the one-way interactions in
blackboard, where students just download files. Also, it was very
helpful always to get into group works which made students to apply the
reading materials. And I believe that having the group works uploaded
and evaluating them were very useful because each students got to see
what other groups have done."

"Moodle ist prima, um Hausaufgaben und Projekte schnell und unkompliziert an den Dozenten zu übermitteln. Der Dozent war außerdem über Moodle immer schnell erreichbar."

18 March 2008

Martin Dougiamas Uses Blackboard / Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg

Well, not the competitor of Moodle, of course. How could you think that I'd even mention this inferior commercial LMS in my blog!

But lacking more modern media to show us where he grew up, he resorted to using a good old German blackboard and chalk. The picture was taken at Germany's moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg. If you think that the lack of modern communication technology in the lecture theatre suggests an unsuccessful and badly organised conference, you couldn't be more wrong!

The conference was brilliantly organised with lots of relevant, stimulating and thought-provoking contributions. Thanks to Gisela Hillenbrand and Christian Grune's Workshop on the roles and capabilities in Moodle I am feeling confident in creating and changing user roles in our local Moodle installation for example.

It was also particularly nice to meet new and old like-minded people at the moot. It helps making you feel less like a weirdo and gives you energy

The highlight of course was having Martin Dougiamas at the moot. His approachable down-to-earth manner made the conference truly special.

12 March 2008

German Moodlemoot 08

Hello there!

Greetings from Heidelberg where I am currently attending the German moodlemoot 08.

I have already visited workshops on the roles and capabilities in Moodle as well as the new version 1.9. A lot of interesting stuff, which will mean a lot of playing with our Moodle Site to make it serve our needs at the VHS Essen (adult education college).

At the moment I am in a workshop on Web 2.0 in Moodle and I thought since blogging is so Web 2.0 I'll write a post about it. A lot of the things I know and do already but there are always little things which give food for thought. Ulrike Montgomery's presentation can be found at the end of this post.

A big shout also goes out to my colleagues at the college who are stepping in for me while I'm in Heidelberg!

The guys in the picture are form left to right: Martin Dougiamas (Chief Moodle Developer), Stephan Rinke (my humble self) and Michael Tighe (US English Services), whom I had already met at the Moodle conference in Duisburg. Thanks to Martin for being such an approachable and down to earth guy. You really made this conference special!

Happy Birthday, little Rink!

Since I cannot hug him personally with me being in Heidelberg at the moodlemoot 08, I want to send out a big Happy Birthday to my brother Thomas aka little Rink.

Have an excellent day. I'll have a wheat beer on you tonight!

08 March 2008

Happy Birthday, Vic!

Happy 65th birthday to the shed man! I know he wouldn't care much for flowers or anything that the bland masses regard as pretty, so here's a heart-warming picture taken by Parksy that only like minded people will be able to appreciate.

It must be the saw dust, engine oil, copper grease and WD40 which have helped Vic to maintain his useful looks. Perhaps I'll develop a new men's grooming range with these secret ingredients and sell it to the makers of my men's skincare range of choice XCD.

Anyway, a big hug and three cheers from all of us here in Mülheim go out to the man who first got my hands oily. May he always have enough wood, copper grease, Gold Block tobacco and items on the list to ensure that Sue keeps him in good health ;-)

06 March 2008

Hole in the wall - no cash...

"Hmmm, what's this thing sticking out? Maybe if I bash it hard enough it'll disappear into the wall."

One would think that a professional would know that when you push something in, it'll have to come out somewhere. Well in this case a left over fixing of a previously removed radiator in our new bathroom made it's way into our dining room.

Rink and Rinkette are not happy Krauts, I can tell you!