27 April 2008

A sad day - Humphrey Lyttleton dies aged 86

Still in shock although when somebody is 86 it shouldn't come as a surprise.

If you want to read up on his life and achievements you can do so here or here, I'll remember him for his inimitable sense of timing, style and humour in his function as chairman of Sorry I haven't a clue. Thanks to Vic introducing me to the Clue I listened to the majority of programmes broadcast between 1997 and 2004 and have also listened to classics and special compilations published by the BBC.

Therefore I can safely say that Humph and his crew have had a tremendous influence on my English and sense of humour. But most importantly he is responsible for the fact that during certain times of the year, Monday used to be my favourite day.

I'll miss him.

PS: Annette and I have just found that she already listened to Humph's Jazz albums before I even knew him. She just never made the link between the Jazz musician and the comedian.

08 April 2008

The Symbiote

Phew, I feel safer again, now that this sculpture has been removed from our college.

Is it just me or does this thing look like the symbiote from Spiderman 3?
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03 April 2008

Google Praise

I'm still dead-chuffed about this post in the Official Google Docs Blog. I never would have thought that a simple idea like the one posted in my Web 2.0 in Foreign Language Teaching blog would

a) be innovative enough to be deemed worthy of a mention by Google themselves
b) find that much attention in the language teaching community

It just goes to show that you need not just do it, but talk, write or make videos about it so that other people can benefit, too. If we all share using the www, we can really take informal professional development to new heights.