29 May 2008

Firefox 3 Download Day

Don't you think it's about time to switch to the world's best browser? If so, do it on Download Day and help Firefox set a world record for most downloaded software in 24 hours. Click the badge below for more information. The date has now been published it's 17 June 2008!
Download Day - English

24 May 2008

Eurovision Song Contests - Alternative Scoring

And here are the results of the Mülheim Jury:

Spain: 12 points
Azerbaijan: 10 points
Ukraine: 8 points
Finland: 7 points
Latvia: 6 points
France: 5 points
UK: 4 points
Germany: 3 points
Turkey: 2 points
Armenia: 1 points

Scores out of 5 were given for the following categories: "Coolness", Glam, Cringe Factor, Outfit, Performance, Catchiness of tune, giving a max total of 30. Our full score board can be viewed here.

Information on the contestants can be viewed on the official Song contest Website.

We certainly had a lot of fun deciding which song is the crappiest. Let's see whether we predicted the winner...

11 May 2008

Foster's - also a contraceptive?

It's quite funny how sometimes things line up like this. A day before consuming this very can of Australia's finest, one of my Linguistics students pointed out a sign very similar to this on packets of prescription drug Contergan. She wondered whether women would possibly mistake the drug for a contraceptive.

Well, in Lichfield city center I have witnessed several times that Foster's can work as a male contraceptive after consumption of several cans (dosage is highly individual :-) ). I just want to mention:

* Brewer's Droop
* Women don't seem to find highly inebriated yobs too sexually attractive. This makes scoring highly unlikely...