30 April 2009

Teaching in the 3rd Millenium

A group of 35 students is lucky enough to have me as their tutor for their second half of the Introduction to Linguistics. Unlucky for them (and me) that there is not a single more suitable room available during the time slot. How I am supposed to teach in my inimitable interactive, cooperative way is still a bit of a mystery to me. Am thinking about moving the class into the corridor in front of the lecture theatre. While this lecture theatre was designed (and badly I must say!) for at least 200 listeners, it's not much good for 35 learners. The lack of day light and the ample fluorescent and slightly flickering illumination does its best to stifle any creative thought. If I was allowed I'd teach this course solely through moodle and would meet up with smaller groups every now and then.
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29 April 2009

Playing for Change

This project has finally awoken me from my long blogging hibernation:

What a brilliant project! Please check it out and if my word is not enough, watch my favourite Playing for Change Video below. If this doesn't convince you, I give up ;-)